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For Kids in Arlington Heights, IL

Dental Care for Kids in Arlington Heights, IL

First Dental Visit by Age 1!

The ADA and AAP recommend that children see the dentist for their first check-up, no later than their first birthday. At Dental Clinique, we feel that it is very important to educate our parents on oral hygiene habits for children. This helps the child stay healthy and feel comfortable visiting the dentist at a young age! We have found that children who visit the dentist at an early age, are much less likely to have dental anxiety later in life.

What happens at the first visit?

Our specially trained dentist in Arlington Heights, IL will do a full exam on your child and address any concerns you may have. Depending on your child’s level of comfort, we may clean your child’s teeth and provide a fluoride application. Our team members at Dental Clinique will discuss nutrition and oral hygiene recommendations with you, so that you can work with your child to develop healthy habits.

At your first visit, you should expect to discuss:

At a young age, prevention is key! Never let your child go to bed with a bottle or breastfeed at will during the night. You should also keep your child’s intake of juice or sugary drinks to a minimum. The American Dental Association (ADA) discourages the use of sippy cups for an extended period of time. It recommends that children start drinking from a cup by age 1.

Why is the first visit important?

All aspects of our dental office in Arlington Heights, IL are specially designed to accommodate children! This reduces any fears and provides you and your child with a comprehensive exam. Creating a relaxing environment helps children to establish a positive feeling towards dental care.

Tooth Eruption

Primary (baby) teeth near Arlington Heights, IL usually start erupting around six months of age. However, this can occur earlier or later. The primary teeth are usually shed in the same order that they erupted into the mouth, around six years of age. Around age 12, the primary teeth will most likely all be shed and the permanent teeth will replace them.

They’re not JUST baby teeth!

Many people don’t understand the importance of baby teeth. These primary teeth are necessary for children to chew and speak properly. They also hold the space for the permanent teeth to come in. If a primary tooth is lost too early, the permanent tooth can drift into the empty space. This makes it difficult for the other permanent teeth to erupt into the mouth.

It is important to remember that cavities are contagious. The bacteria (usually Streptococcus mutans) are transmitted from one person to another and from one tooth to another. If a primary tooth has an untreated cavity or infection, it can spread to the adjacent teeth and cause unnecessary damage.

Healthy Snacking

Healthy snacking is important to help fight against dental caries (cavities) in Arlington Heights, IL. To snack healthy, please remember a few basic rules:

How to Prevent Cavities

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