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Creating beautiful smiles with gentle care in Arlington Heights, IL

Choose a dental care partnership that enhances your health

  • Keep your teeth healthy and avoid costly dental issues with Preventive Dentistry
  • Treat the risks to your teeth and restore tooth function with Restorative Dentistry
  • Change the appearance of your teeth and improve their health with Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Use our wellness plan designed to provide greater access to quality dental care at an affordable price.
Dental Implants in Arlington Heights IL

Dental Implants

Dental implants are the most durable and functional tooth replacement option available today. With proper oral care, a dental implant can replace a natural tooth for a lifetime.

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Dental Implants Near 60004

Teeth Whitening

Whitening removes natural stains and discolorations on teeth for a brighter, healthier smile. Call us today and ask your dentist at Dental Clinique about how you can take home your very own whitening trays!

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Gum Disease in Arlington Heights IL

Gum Disease

Periodontitis, or gum disease, is a bacterial infection that can result in damaged gums and ultimately, loss of teeth. Symptoms include bleeding during brushing, chronic bad breath, red and swollen gums, receding gum line, and loose or shifting teeth.

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Teeth Whitening in 60004

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Get the address, directions, phone number and hours for our dental office in Arlington Heights IL! Contact us to make an appointment with one of our friendly front desk team members.

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A healthy lifestyle includes your dental health. Prioritize your oral health at our Arlington Heights family dental office. Emergency walk-ins and second opinion are accepted.

What to expect during the first and subsequent visits

Your dental care is about the best outcomes for you and your family.

Our Blog

Oral Cancer Awareness Month!

Oral cancer can appear in your mouth or in your throat. Men are twice more likely to get oral cancer than women. Smokers and excessive alcohol drinkers older than 50 are the most at-risk.


Swimmer’s Ear? More Like Swimmer’s Tooth!

HAVE YOUR TEETH ever felt extra sensitive after a swim at the pool? That’s no coincidence, although it can take quite a lot of swimming before the effects become noticeable. What is it about the water in swimming pools that damages teeth?


Protecting Your Smile From White Spots!

WHITE SPOTS APPEAR on our teeth for a variety of reasons. Although not all of them are harmful to our oral health, they still prevent our smile from truly shining through. Today we want to share with you some of the most common reasons these white spots appear, and what treatment is available to remove them and give you a bright, beautiful smile.


The Daily Grind Of Bruxism!

MOST PEOPLE GRIND OR CLENCH their teeth briefly when annoyed or in a tense situation. That level of teeth-grinding isn’t really something to worry about. It’s when you do it far more frequently, often without even realizing it (you might even do it in your sleep!), that it can potentially become a serious problem. The medical term for this kind of teeth-grinding is bruxism.


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Cosmetic Dentistry near Arlington Heights, IL

Dr.Ivan is a fantastic dentist! I had many issues with dentists in the past like many other people feeling very uncomfortable. Worried about pain and old fashioned technology. But Ivan's practice is very up to date..Modern technology and painless. I have recommended her practice and hope others experience what i have...excellent care.

—Rena L.

General Dentistry near Arlington Heights, IL

Prior to 2016 I'd had been going to the same dentist office since 1973. My childhood dentist finally retired. I then lost my full time job and insurance and therefore put off seeing a dentist for about 2 years after seeing a dentist twice a year all my live. Dr. Madalina Ivan is the first new dentist I've visited in my adult life. I've now been there twice and I couldn't be more happy with the level of professionalism, the courteous and happy outlook of the staff and the quality services I've received from Dr. Ivan and her staff. I highly recommend Dental Clinique for your general dentistry needs!

—Chris B.

Dentistry near Arlington Heights, IL

My 6 and 4 year old saw Dr. Ivan on Saturday and she and her hygienist are nothing short of amazing. My daughter needed sealants and a filling and they were so good with her and had a little present at the end of the visit for both of them. They got a toothbrush and fun floss and mouthwash too. I've always gone to this office and when Dr. Ivan took over I decided to stay and I'm so glad I did! She is so thorough and they clean their teeth impeccably.

—Mitchell F.

Family Dentistry near Arlington Heights, IL

Each time I visit Dental Clinique my experience is tops. Appointments are on time and the policy for effective service with a friendly atmosphere are front and center. There has never been a time when answers to questions are rushed. Complete information and suggestions for dental care are given or, if needed, reviewed. Dr. Ivan and her very capable staff really care about the service they give.

—Nancy B.

Dental Clinique
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